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Fern Morgan Inc.

Initial Feasiblity Analyses 

Escrow and Timeline Management

Pro Forma Operational Budgeting

Detailed Feasibility Studies

Comparable Data and Valuations

Debt Solicitation and Confirmation

Contractor and Subcontractor RFPs

Architectural & Engineering Studies

Third Party Property Manager Proposals          

Environmental Underwriting & EIRs

Profit and Expense Underwriting

Title Insurance and Exclusions Management

Market & Submarket Analyses

Cash Flow Analyses and Stress Test Scenarios

Zoning and Land Use Studies

Negotiations and PSA Managment

 Density and Massing Analyses

Permits & Entitlements

Transactional Legal Counsel Interaction

Property Condition Reports

Municipal Agency Interaction

Contractual Management

Investment Parameters and Selection 


Due Diligence Services

for Real Estate Investors

We offer a unique suite of services in the real property sector. At Fern Morgan, we manage and execute the due diligence process on our client's behalf for a fixed fee.

Pulling together the multiple disciplines involved, we aggregate and analyze information about potential investments, providing our clients with the insight they need to make informed "go/no-go" decisions. We fit into the acquisitions process in real time, working within the transactional constraints to gather the pertinent information so they can make the best decision before contractual cut-off dates.

Our fixed fee based pricing allows our clients to focus on their growth strategy, and forego the daily time and expense of managing human capital to oversee the due diligence process. And they can rest confident that each touch point of data is receiving top level attention and will be delivered in an easily digestible format. From detailed financial analysis to environmental surveys, we manage the process for you.

Contact us today to discuss how we can tailor our services to assist you in making better real estate investments.

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